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Roads, rivers, trees, hills and buildings are the very basics of war-game terrain. They are the elements that can transform a table into something attractive that spurs the imagination, or can make it look childish and amateurish. Mine have looked ordinary for decades.

Finally I found the answer to one of the problems. I found the download for printed roads from Drive thru RPG from Lord Zsezse Works. The full set is here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=82406

These are very attractive flint-style roads, straight, with right angle turns. This is

somewhat of a dampener but is a practical response to the problem of getting simple modularity. And at the end of the day in 28mm scale the idea of a meandering road is probably not realistic. In the scale we are dealing with the road will be close enough to apparently straight as far as the models on the table are concerned.

The following images show how I built them. Using the image set I printed a full version, and then 10 extra straight sections. Luckily the World Cup just ended and I found an advertising poster stuck to dense foamcore. It had been thrown out, wasteful society that we are.

The prints came out in slightly different because we do not use US sizes here. We use A4. BUt this did not matter to me as I did not need to populate a whole board and I do not use the printed grid.

Simply, I cut out the paper and the plastic card, spread ordinary glue with an offset, then made sure the bond was tight by using a rubber roller. I cannot over emphasise this last bit. It made all the difference both to getting a nice flat finish, and for making for that ordinary PVA adhered to the gloss surface. I rolled from the centre to the corners, then on angles outwards down the sides. This squeezed the glue out, and I had to wipe the roller with a wet rag every swipe to prevent it from smearing the surface and ripping up the areas already covered.