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Last time, you will recall, the Rocket Brigade had tracked baron Aristodemos to his palace on a remote planet. He had kidnapped plucky reporter, June Mayweather, and certainly had no-good in mind. During the battle with the baron’s mechanical servants, dashing captain Stagg Wallop was killed, and the team were unable to prevent the baron from having his wicked way with June and then escaping in his personal rocket.

Now, read on.

A reformed Rocket Brigade with a new leader in captain Cody ‘Uppercut’ Kirby had traced the baron to an inhospitable jungle planet. He was now reinforced by a squad of picked goons, armed to the teeth and protected from the environment. With June in tow, the baron needed to recover a necklace that (we discovered by using Mythic) would chain June in mind and body, and kill her within 40 days unless a hefty ransom was paid.

For this game we had a first test of the Raygun Gothic rules, using the d6 countback dice resolution system. In addition, we incorporated our favourite elements from other games, including randomly occurring monsters, and natives with changing allegiances. Figures were a mix of Eureka, Renegade, Pulp Figures, and some D&D pre-painted as well. The main terrain piece was a Paizo flip map of a swamp, supplemented with some walls to lift some of the ruins into relief. GW trees were dotted around as well, and I ringed the uncompleted tree armatures at the edges to give the impression of dead and rotten swamp vegetation. And just to further help tie the map into the underlying board, I dotted some Miniature World Maker rubber swamps to break up the hard edges of the card.

The baron and crew trekked along the path, pretty much ignored by the natives who lurked in the thick greenery. Every turn, we randomly discovered who’s side the natives were on, and for every group in the jungle we rolled to see if a crocodilic monster or giant snake appeared and attacked. Once engaged with a monster, we rolled to see if a feeding frenzy started and another appeared. The natives spent most of the game fighting off these beasts, though a couple managed to shoot their poisoned arrows at one unfortunate goon, who went down.

The rocketeers bounced over the undergrowth, and found themselves in the middle of the path, directly in front of the baron’s picked squad, who gunned a couple down. Bypassing the main group in one direction, and bouncing over them in another (while firing his Colt .45 as he zoomed over their heads), the rocketeers cornered the baron in the ruined building. A goon had been trying to retrieve the necklace (requiring 3 successes in difficult checks), but he dropped his shovel as Cody lived up to his nickname and sent him reeling.

But it was to no avail, the baron’s man defended admirably, recovered and then knocked out Cody, and the baron calmly pulled his raygun and vaporised another rocketeer entering by the other doorway. Then, June still in tow and presumably still enamoured of the villain, the baron fled.

Again he slipped the net, but he failed to retrieve the necklace. The rocketeers were almost wiped out, and the final act will need to be prosecuted by a different unit of the galactic law enforcement agencies.