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I use the term Geonosian advisedly here – without intention to infringe anyone’s copyright. It is the name of some WOTC (Wizards of the Coast) pre-painted miniatures depicting insect creatures from the Star Wars universe.

As models of generic insect creatures, say the Selenites of the Moon, they are pretty good. They’re usable for that purpose.

Here are the quick stats I have worked out for them using Rayguns!

Soon, I hope to pit some square-jawed adventurers against them. This reminds me: I need to get some of those nifty GW craters.

Geonosian Overseer
Value 4. Rating 3, Combat 1.
Flying (airmobile). Natural armour +1.

Geonosian Warrior
Value 4. Rating 3, Combat 1.
Move and Shoot
Flying (airmobile). Natural armour +1. Stun gun +1.

Geonosian Drone
Value 4. Rating 3, Combat 1.
Spear +2. Natural armour +1.