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Greg and I ran a short Rayguns! session last night, partially to test out a couple of ideas, partially just for the fun or it, but mostly because I wanted to spring this Aliens themed idea at him. The Rayguns! rules seemed to work fine: turn activation and combat worked as designed, generating plenty of opportunities for the models to do interesting things, generating turnovers quick enough to keep the action rolling, and showing that flow between Rating and Combat points that makes the system flexible. We did finalise a couple of point regarding leaping, so we did some work while we played.

So, a ship in deep space finds itself in trouble. In the passenger section the main bulkheads lock and contact is lost with the crew. The passengers decide to arm themselves from the storage lockers…

And discover that a Xenomorph is running loose int he corridors, appearing from the roofs to surprise, slaughter and then disappear again, carrying the body.

First to experience the terror, the Mysterious Emissary did not have time to demonstrate what his secret power/knowledge was. He was left behind, isolated, and ‘something big’ dropped from the ceiling. He screamed and then was gone.

Not having any Alien models in 28mm I substituted Great Cthulhu. I don’t know what effect it had on Greg, but it scarred the willies out of me.

Next to go was the Trainee Mystic (suck that, Anakin Skywalker – the future of the galaxy is safe from Darth Vader now).

Alert to what was happening, the two Battle Monks set up a perimeter without he two civilians and then attempted to assemble the battle droids. This took a long time, and once assembled turned out to be clunky things that could not keep up with the running and screaming and never once warmed up their lasers.

However, while in the assembly room, the mother alien had a go at the Lead Battle monk. Bad move, as his lightsaber made short work of the monster. But by this time two daughters had spawned, and a lively fight occurred in the corridors. Both the Battle Monk and the civilian went down, but not until they had carved up several daughters.

Alarms started ringing and a countdown began to ship self destruct. At every alien turnover we rolled for a fifty/fifty reduction of six timers. When all counters were gone, we reasoned, the ship went boom. With three to spare, the surviving Monk and civilian crowded into the escape pod, leaving the droids to lumber after squawking, ‘Master, master…’

Was there an alien/cthulhu in the escape pod? Probably, but by that stage we were talking about other things.

So a good and simple game. Not too heavy…

Battle Monk (*2)  6/4 (10), Agile, Seasoned, Inspiring, Multiple attacks. Energised sword +3

Trainee Mystic 3/2 (5), Agile, Energised sword +3. Stun pistol +1

Mysterious Emissary 3/3 (6), Expert, Camouflage suit (did him no good), Needler +1

Battle droid (*2) 2/2 (4), Laser rifle +3

Civilians (*2), 3/2 (5).


Mother Alien 5/5 (10), Multiple attacks, Terrifying, (stealth – special)

Alien spawn (*5) 4/4 (8), Multiple attacks, Terrifying, (stealth – special)

Behaviour rules for the aliens: 1) attack the most isolated human, 2) Reproduce (by taking Stunned or Out of Action bodies away), 3) get out of line of sight.

Rules for alien movement and combat: 1) Spend 1 Opportunity to appear anywhere on board, 2) Spend 1 Opportunity to disappear, but can only do so when out of line of sight, 3) When a foe is defeated, and out of line of sight of any other foe, can disappear, taking body for parasitic reproduction, 4) Newly spawned creatures are subject to all the preceding rules.