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Is this the golden age for toys, or what? Never has it been a better time to be a big kid.

Work is speeding up to get the final touches done for the Pax Limpopo game system for Eureka, and our brain-hats are humming blue-hot as we consider how to build Gas-bags (the game of aerial combat in the age of Pax Limpopo). And as I considered that last topic, I wished that there was some way to do this for real.

Then I found these from my friend Jeremy at Remote Island . Yes, it’s true: remote control blimps that can drop nerf bombs. At 50″, it’s a good scale for 28mm figures. But it would make the average kitchen set up a little cramped. Think of the possibilities for a big convention game in a hall, though. Or alternatively, just get one to play with for the hell of it.

The remote control tanks with the laser cannon are pretty neat too. The only imediment to this fun is the trouble and strife.