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Napoleon’s men found the Anubis Gate during the invasion of Egypt and sent home for study. It defied analysis, and so remained a curiosity for over 100 years.

In 1940, with the fall of Paris, Nazi scientists discovered the Anubis Gate and, cross referencing some of the markets with others they had found in such diverse places as Tibet, realised that the stone arch/circle was an ancient artefact of immense power.

They shipped it back to Berlin and commenced study resulting, in a very short time, in the activation of the gate. Stepping through, the Swastika-flag waving explorers discovered that they had been transported to Earth’s ancient past: the age of the dinosaurs.

This is the core of the developing setting of Jurassic Reich being jointly developed by Eureka Miniatures and Anubis Studios. The first figures are now available from Eureka, and a full source book for the setting is in the works from Anubis Studios.

28mm Jurassic Reich (part of the Pulpitations Pulp Fiction range)

Sculpted by Kosta Heristanidis and Mike Broadbent

100PLP20            German officer, riding Dinonicus, armed with SMG (1)

100PLP21            German soldier, riding Dinonicus, armed with SMG #1 (1)

100PLP22            German soldier, riding Dinonicus, armed with SMG #2 (1)

100PLP23            German soldier, riding Dinonicus, armed with MG-15 (1)

100PLP24            Stukasaurus, with Luftwaffe pilot and bomb load (1)

100PLP25            Stukasaurus, with Luftwaffe pilot and 37mm Anti-Tank gun (1)

100PLP26            Stukasaurus, with Luftwaffe pilot and rear gunner (1)

100PLP27            Feldgendarme and raptors (1)

100PLP28            Dinonicus, without rider (1)

100PLP29            Kriegsclaw Gruppe: a set of all four Dinonicus and their riders

100PLP30            Pterowaffe: a set of all three Stukasaurus and their intrepid pilots / crew

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