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In a pick up and play session, we pitted a squad of square jawed colonial British against the palace guards, and a couple of special off-worlder body guards. The rules were basic Showdown, with the humans using standard bolt action rifles and the men from Mongo using standard stats but interpreted as ‘rayguns’ and ‘flame lances’.

The British and Frigians (Inuit) were Eureka. The guardsmen were converted Crusader 100YW with rayguns added. For terrain we used some of the D&D tiles, made into a palace. Around and in it we used blocks from the game, Cathedral to represent various bits of furniture and random items of machinery or sculpture outside.

To design the troops we used the random character generator for Deadlands, drawing cards and then assigning the result to each stat in sequece. This made for some interesting combinations as we had Mong guards with very high Tough (must be that armour they wear), and heroes with low Shoot. But making the heroes Wild Cards gave us another lever to pull and so balance, more or less, was preserved.

Despite the determined efforts of the British, most notably Private Higgs who fought off no less than 5 guards single handed before being brought down, the mission to penetrate the building failed. My hand picked body-guards, dressed in their traditional winter gear as they hailed from planet Frigia, were my Wild Card characters. They lasted to the end, fighting off determined attacks, and finally nailing the last determined Brits.

A good game; a simple game. Yet again we came to the conclusion that it is the scenario that makes a skirmish game. If you have a story then the rules flow and support it. With no story every game is pretty much the same.