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Here is a list of the people so far encountered in the Slipstream story-jamming mini campaign.

At left, a typical control room of one of the rocketships of the pirates of Vitin.

  • Magdelene – Pirate captain of Vitin. Magdelene has sufficient power to send spies out into Slipstream and enact plots. He/she(?) is clearly in contact with revolutionaries on Levitos. Relationship to other pirate captains unknown.
  • Parnassos – ace rocketship pilot and senior officer for Magdelene. Cool headed and reliable, Parnassos has sufficient wisdom for use in under-cover operations and is instrumental in developing a cover story to mask the developments on Levitos.
  • Danton – superior car driver and gunfighter, he is Parnassos’ partner in the cloak and dagger operation. He lacks Parnassos’ level-headedness and is prone to whimsical thoughts and has been seen to fall prey to mind probes.
  • Anathraxa – tyrannical queen of Slipstream. All people quail under her rule, though open rebellion is just an excuse to be extermined by her forces. Very few have ever seen her in the flesh and lived.
  • Dr Baffle – a fabricated personality, invented by Parnassos and Danton (or perhaps by puppet masters somewhere else?) to be a man-who-never-was and a focus for false information. The doctor is supposedly a master of long range mind-control over robots, and is implicated in in a plot to cause massive disruption on Mechanos.
  • Deyvour – a spy for Anathraxa from the planet Anarch, where he would surely be a shunned traitor as that planet has suffered greatly under Anathraxa. Deyvour has been framed by Parnassos and Danton into carrying false information concerning the hunted Dr Baffle.
  • Chilax – Secret Service agent for Anathraxa. Chilax is beautiful, smart and ruthless. She trusts no one and has everyone, including her own agent Deyvour, followed. Whatever happens, it is certain that Chilax has some knowledge of it, and has counter plans in action.
  • Sinon – an information broker on the planet Barter. Sinon knows everything, or knows how to find it out. He buys and sells information without preference. Though he is not an agent of Anathraxa, he supplies anything he finds to Chilax for a handsome price.
  • Basilike – deposed ruler-in-exile. He and his race had been thought extermined by Anathraxa. But he lives in secret captivity on the planet Zeebor. It is uncertain whether he has the brains or talent for high government. He spends his time writing stage plays parodying Anathraxa’s rule that are never published or performed. However, Parnassos and Danton have plagiarised one of his works and have had it secretly reproduced.
  • Six Stygian Elders – perceived and communicated with but only barely seen, the Elders of Stygia guided Parnassos and Danton to Basilike. Apart from this mind journey their motives remain mysterious.
  • Unnamed thugs and cassino operators on Barter.