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In Mythic we would call these open threads. I like to call them leading questions, any one of which can act as the Inciting Incident for the coming chapter.

  • Is the play successfully transcribed and does it reach the theatrical market? Given that the Stygians put the information straight into Parnassos’ and Danton’s mind, it is safe to assume that the words stuck. It is also probably safe to assume that they could influence the minds of printer/publishers and even producers. So the play gets out there.
  • On which planets is the play performed?
  • Does this spark the kind of insurrectionist feelings we had hoped for?
  • Is the voice of Basilike recognised in the play?
  • Is some action taken against Basilike and/or Zeebor if his hand is recognised?
  • Was Deyvour invited to assist the Imperial Secret Police with their enquiries?
  • Did he survive this treatment?
  • Since Dr Baffle does not exist, but it is impossible to prove a negative (that he does not exist), has the Imperial Secret Service drawn any erroneous conclusions? Where has this led?
  • Has the Imperial sniffing around Mechanos and Krieg stimulated any response from the locals?
  • Has Chilax managed to avoid the stink created by Deyvour’s potential, possible, collusion with the revolutionaries?
  • Has Chilax been promotred or demoted in power?
  • Has it become personal for Chilax, since she hates to be made a fool of?
  • Have Parnassos and Danton outlived their usefulness to the rebellion?
  • Does the shipment of dark matter make it to Mechanos unmollested?

With all of this known we can move into the next chapter.

  • Given that Anathraxa, her legions, and her secret police are not idiots, what actions do the Imperials undertake to squash what looks like a widespread insurrection?