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As we get ready to start a new fantasy story telling campaign using Hellfrost by Triple Ace, I am starting to think about the opportunities for skirmish wargaming using 28mm and either Songs of Blades and Heroes (if we play <5 a side) or Savage Worlds Showdown (if we play squad, up to 20 a side).

These fellows from Eureka Miniatures are absolutely beautiful and fit the bill nicely. Sourcing monsters will be the next trick, and I hope to write an entry for each monster in the beastiary and nominate a suitable figure.

As the weeks go by I will talk more about Hellfrost. Greg has been a Hârn player since the beginning and knows that Dark Age, low magic stye of play well. Despite both Simon and I begging that he run a campaign for us he would not. This is probably because he knew the entire map inside out after having run another gaming group in it for decades. The Hârn system itself is a work of wonder: for my money the best conventional fully featured role-playing game system ever devised. For a streamlined and minimalist conventional role-playing system, I can’t go past Risus  (check out the good work being done with this system here: Risus Monkey.) But systems alone do not make a fun game, we have decided. It’s more about player investment.

My fascination with ice-covered fantasy terrain started when I bought The (1st edition) Iron Wind by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). It was further reinforced when I watched Quintet. There is something simultaneously calming and yet disturbing about a snow-covered world. It is almost a benign form of sterility. Possibly it also goes back to my young days when I used to climb and bushwalk in the mountains – the utter solitude of it all…

Both of us have a taste for Call of Cthulhu. So the Hellfrost is sure to take on supernatural tones well beyond simple monsters.

As a result of these things, I am looking forward to a few stories in this setting using the specific region guides, and also a good dose of miniatures gaming as well.