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I bought these plastic aquarium plants a while back. Mine came attached to a circular frame, but other people have seen them on flat mats. At the time I thought they could be useful for my toy soldier terrain.

The problem, as I saw it, was the large disc at the base of the tufts which was used to affix them to their frame. I could not figure out how to disguise it.

Then at Adelaide I spoke to a tremendously friendly chap who had a scintillating Aztec game set up. He had the exact same plastic foliage stuck to simple bases. They looked grand.

“What’s your secret?” I asked.

“Go hard with the flock,” he advised.

And his work looked great. The intrusive disc/cup looked just like a bulging part of the plant base.

Here is the start of my attempt to recreate this great application. I have glued two tufts to thin card about 5.5cm in diameter. I have textured the base a little with some polyfiller, and have given the a coat of Raw Umber.

The next step is to highlight with a dusty tan, and then go heavy with that flock. Finished photos to come when I get the chance to do some real work (other than having to go to work).