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Ratmen (Skaven in GW speak)  have held a quiet interest for me for many years. The whole plague business I find a little excessive, but the idea of our near relatives forming a technical society is pretty cool.

So long ago now I forget when, I retrieved some Skaven models from my boys who had bought a box, slapped paint on them and then abandoned them because they looked pants. Tails and arms were missing. One day, I said to myself, I will resurrect these models.

Then I made a fortuitous connection with my new gaming buddy, Paul, who traded me some more Skaven. Again, they were not all complete, but that seems to be the way with these babies. Tails go astray. It was a good trade and with the parts I rebuilt many of the abused subjects I stole (I mean rescued) from my children.

To replace the several still missing tails I extruded plastic sprue and wound it around a paint brush. This was a technique I learned back in the 70’s when making aerials for tanks. I don’t see it described much on the net. Maybe I should post a how-to. Anyway, so now I have some ring-tailed ratmen and smooth-tailed, and I reckon that’s a cool thing.

This number is just about perfect for using in Song of Blades and Heroes, or in a Savage Worlds fantasy. Several times already I have had to stop myself from clicking ‘buy’ on eBay for more of them on the grounds that I have enough for skirmish and squad: I don’t need to build regiments. But once you get in the mood…

Here they are with all their appendages, primed and ready to go. I intend to use my new found block colour and then Army-Painter (Wattle Stain and Varnish) to complete them. It’s not competition painting, but it should look good enough for the table. Completed models to follow soon – I hope.