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Here are the Ratmen (Skaven, Hosbecites from Slipstream) completed. The technique was extremely simple:

  • assemble and glue to base
  • spray white
  • divide into two groups, painting the fur on one group red-brown and on the other black brown, leaving white gaps where I want the flesh to be
  • paint flesh (Formula P3, Midland Flesh) on hands and feet, in ears, along snout, on tail and between legs
  • divide again into groups and paint the clothing on each group in straight red, blue, green and yellow, making sure to leave any straps or belts exposed in white
  • paint all metal
  • paint any leather such as pouches or arm guards
  • paint wood
  • when dry, paint with Wattle Satin Stain and Varnish, Walnut shade
  • paint base burnt umbar (only a simple base here as they are so small)
  • splat a bit of PVA on each base, making sure to connect to at least one foot  and to work in angles not parallel with the edges, then dip in a bag of flock
  • Paint the base edge green
  • spray coat with Tamiya Clear Flat varnish.

The only delay in the process was in waiting 24 hours for the Wattlyl Stain and Varnish to dry. Otherwise these steps could have rolled one after the other and the job could have been done in half a day… for someone who did not have a thousand other jobs to do including being interrupted by demanding children.