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The Vic Mega-game occurred today, Sunday 29 May. There were around 24 of us, divided into Royalist and Parliamentarians. Each player took a brigade of 4 regiments and then fought, campaign style, across a series of tables to assault the enemy capital. Where battles took place there were at least three commanders on each side. For the very huge battles at Cambridge and Newbury there were at least 6 players a side. Flanking manoeuvres from neighbouring tables also figured strongly in the ‘strategic movement’ phases that occurred every half-hour.

The dubious honour fell to me by vote to be the CinC of the Parliamentary forces. See here the photo of me, left, Martin for the Royalists in the centre and Mike, right, who organised and refereed the day.

In short, we held up a general advance on our left flank of tables, advanced strongly through the right and made a deep penetrating raid directly to Oxford. Had the campaign ended then, with the rout of the King’s forces on the table, victory would have been ours. However, this was only half the day, and the Royalists consolidated across the entire front of 3 tables (though never re-securing their home territory) and pushed hard.

At the end of the day it was a Royalist victory taken on points in the final round as they had control of tables right through the centre. A grand strategy and full credit to them, aristocratic swine. The Royalists were tenacious and well commanded by Martin.

More photos can be seen here.

The rules were Black Powder and I renew my thoughts that they seem better suited to Napoleonics than ECW, but that is just a quibble. The important thing was that games were played. A lot of people got to push around figures. I made many new friends, and hope to renew their acquaintance at another event.

Finally, I hope that my fellow Parliamentarians can forgive the many blunders that I must have made through to campaign. Despite my attempts to persuade any of the Royalists to change sides, there was only one taker, and sadly it was too late in the day to change the overall outcome.

A good and exhausting day of playing toy soldiers.