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For a change of pace we went back to an earlier theme of StarGate 1900.

The year is somewhere in the early 20th century (before WWII). A Stargate has been found that allows travel to distant planets, and the great powers are busy sending back parties to loot and suppress (I mean trade with and enlighten) the locals.

In this game a mercenary group composed mostly of ex-Legionnaires found themselves on a jungle planet where they were tasked with retrieving the McGuffin from the pagan idol at the end of the overgrown ancient city. Giant exotic foliage encroached on the area and large areas of marsh impeded movement (just realised: I must like those terrain pieces. I’ve put them in every game recently. Note to self – think harder!). Opposing them were the noble alien savages who had dress-sense just like Samurai. (Figures were varied: Renegade WWI Germans, Artisan Foreign Legion, Old Glory Samurai.)

We played through two games in this same scenario using different rule sets. the first was one of Greg’s work-in-progress systems. It had some fun and innovative parts but the game set disjointed. The second was Savage Worlds and this gave a greater sense of flow and cohesion, but this time round the escalating roll, counter roll, test roll felt intrusive. We haven’t played it for a while, though, and so had forgotten much of it. With familiarity all rules fade into the background.