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It’s a terrible thing being a contrarian and discovering your obscure and ignored topic gradually becoming mainstream. Since youth I have been interested in the Thirty Years War. For almost all of that time whenever I had mentioned it to anyone I had been compelled to explain to them when that was and what it was about.

Now, however, many more people have heard of it (I’m speaking about English speakers here. I’m sure on the continent they have a better appreciation of history). The recent books by Guthrie and Wilson seem to have brought it to the surface and now it is no longer just an also-ran to the main event of the English Civil War. The Osprey Field of Glory supplement for the Wars of Religion rightly places it at the centre of the period with things such as the ECW being a sideshow.

Be that as it may, and despite the temptation to abandon my interest because there is a chance that someone else might also like it, I have a painting and modelling project to complete. The good thing is that now there are many sources of figures available, something that has hampered my wargaming for many years.

So here is the plan:

  • Pikemen: 8 Renegade, painted. 14 Warlord Games to be painted.
  • Musketeers: 16 Renegade painted. 11 Old Glory painted. 24 Warlord Games to be painted.
  • Heroes/leaders: 10 Brigade Games, painted. 6 Old Glory, painted. 2 Warlord Games to be painted.
  • Feldwebel/NCOs: 4 Renegade, painted. 2 Old Glory, painted.
  • Standard bearers: 2 Renegade, painted.
  • Drummers: 2 Renegade, painted. 1 Old Glory Painted. 1 Warlord, to be painted.
  • General purpose cavalry: 14 Eureka Miniatures, painted.
  • Cuirassiers: 12 Warlord Games, to be purchased.
  • Mounted Arquebusiers: Eureka Miniatures Irish Horse with Warlord morion helmets, to be purchased.
  • Eastern light horse: 12Assault Group, to be purchased.
  • Saker canon: Renegade, to be purchased.
  • Peasants: 15 Old Glory, painted.
  • Villagers: 20 Mega Minis, painted.