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Thoughts over the weekend went as follows:

  • I need a few more figures – but then what war gamer has ever ‘completed’ a period and never needs any more figures,
  • I need to pull my finger out and build more buildings,
  • I need to finally get a decent modular river model (and road),
  • Where is this action happening?

And this last made me think of The Perfect Captain. These guys provide, free (but you can donate) some of most well thought out and truly presentable game rules and support out there. I love them. They have a campaign system: a set of cards that you can randomly draw to find the terrain for a battle. I randomly selected nine areas, made the village the centre of a notional area, and then fit the other eight around it. I drew them rough on squares because my playing arena is a 4′ square.

Here is the result. Next step is to have a randomisation method for events. Something like: Marauders appear in map 3. And this will inform me of the what and the where for a given game.