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While browsing the net looking at terrain I found that there are some great new base mats available. The days of the simple lurid GW (or Heki) mat, or the felt monstrosities of yesteryear from Monday Knight Productions (was that their name? Anyway, once up on a time they were the only game in town and I felt my self pretty swish to own one) are gone. Now you can get textured rubber (that you have to paint yourself: rip-off!), and you can get colour impregnated materials. These last ones have blends that really look natural. Or at least they convey a feeling of naturalness that is much better for practical wargaming purposes.

Inspired, I took a can of spray adhesive and put some smears on a spare piece of mat and a hill. Then I pressed in two different colours of flock: an earth and a darker shade of green. After shaking off the excess I sprayed art fixative to hold it down. Finally, after it was well dry, I took a brush to it and really gave it a good brushing. What was left is pretty subtle.

Here is a scene on this sheet and hill, using the scatter technique with boulders, gravel and clump flock in a much darker shade. Again: is it ‘realistic’? No it’s not. But I quite like it, and it’s certainly playable while conveying the illusion of the great outdoors.