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Satisfied with my small scale experiments I graduated to the real thing today in livening up my war-game baseboard.

The goal was to break up the lurid GW green and camouflage the 6″ square vertices that are useful for playing such things as Poor Bloody Infantry. I wanted something that had some variability, hinted at natural colours, but did not overtake the entire board.

The first picture shows the tools: spray glue, spray fixative to hold the flock down, an earth tone flock and a dark green flock. Finally: an ordinary dust brush.

First squirt random patches of glue and pat down generous amounts of brown flock. Then shake off the excess. Then repeat with dark green flack. At this stage I gave the board a gentle dust off.

Then I sprayed the whole thing with fixative and let it dry in the sun. The final step is to firmly brush the board. This removes an awful lot of the flock the fades out the edges, giving it a gradual organic transition between colours.