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These chaps are Warlord Imperial infantry of the Thirty Years War. The sculpting is just wonderful. They are a good match for my existing Renegade (only slightly smaller, but unnoticeable on the table). Assembly was easy, with only a couple of the pikemen leaving gaps in their armpits. Oops, have to admit, assembling the arms of the shooting musketeers was a little ticklish: not too hard – not impossible – just requiring a little patience.

Since the idea of the uniform was in its infancy I decided to mix up the outfits for these guys. These are Western Europeans, not Swedes. Not later English. The Spanish specifically discouraged the idea of Captains dressing their men in uniforms as it was thought to reduce morale. Give a man his individuality, they thought. Let him wear what is comfortable and practical.

The painting technique was my now standard white spray undercoat, followed by block colours. Then painted with Army painter (Wattyl Stain and Varnish). Then I picked out the highlights in the original colours. And finally the simple basing.