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Week one of the occupation of the valley pretty much ran as described in the earlier journals (but we can now write off some of the events as the result of fevered imaginations rather than literal events as some basic elements of the campaign have changed).

Ernat, Eduare, Albergio, Dide, Jurisco, and Gari, soldiers of Spain sent into middle Europe during the early part of the Protestant rebellion in the Holy Roman Empire, found themselves separated from the rest of their Tercio in order to find winter quarters. They each have command of a handful of men, but until these major characters are killed I will not flesh them out.

Doubt remains whether they crossed into some kind of mystical realm, but the fact remains that they discovered a village high in the mountains that had so far been untouched by the general war that was a tearing the world apart.
The villagers were submissive and cowed by the hardened soldiers. In a short time they established themselves a the masters of the place, billeting themselves amongst the locals, taking what they pleased. (It was bikie heaven.)

From this first week, to recap, we know that there are gypsies living down by the river who are widely travelled, knowledgable, and deeply superstitious. We know that there are creatures living in the woods that attack lone villagers. For the moment let’s assume they are wolves. We have a number of villagers identified, including the Mayor, the barkeeper, and a couple of thugs. (Going forward, we’ll drop the references in the earlier sessions to strange priests and perverse religions: there are only the historical religions so far: Roman Catholicism, Lutheran Protestantism, Calvinist Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, and a selection of whacky Protestant cults.)

The major fear of the soldiers is that someone else could discover the village and take it from them. Therefore the standard objective for the party is to eliminate any intruders so they cannot carry the world back to anyone else. Secondarily, they must continue to dominate the locals. This means they must crush any hint of rebellion, and they must provide stability to the locals’s lives so that they will it want to rebel. They must become the civil administration.

Using the weather generation table from Harn, and consulting on the Winter column, I rolled a 16. The week was generally overcast and rainy. Strong winds drove the biting rain into every nook and cranny. It was cold, but no snow yet fell, a timely reminder that winter was a setting in. The adventurers contented themselves with drinking at the tavern, and making themselves at home in the beds of the townsfolk.

Next time, week 2 (turn 2), I will roll to see if the event is internal (a pure Mythic scene development of some domestic event), or external (a wargame played either competitively or solo using Mythic and the random tables to assist the set up and played using the developing Flashing Steel – Forged in Blood late Renaissance rules). I’ll find the weather using the Harn tables, and I will generate a bunch of random seeds from my Last Valley Information Generator.