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After finding the nine squares that make up the generalised area of the campaign by using the Battle Finder from The Perfect Captain I had a coarse understanding of the terrain. I then redrew these into a consolidated picture, with each of the nine squares being roughly translatable onto my 4′ by 4′ wargame table. Some leeway has to be allowed when a battle occurs when adding the terrain models as I don’t exactly have specific models to match the maps. But close enough will do. Also, though I have drawn them all togetehr, technically there could be significant gaps bewteen the specific nine ‘arenas’.

I also have renamed the randomised terrain zones to better reflect a middle German location.

So in the north west we have Köninggarten, a hilly and deeply forested area. The main road runs through a section tailor made for ambushing, and narrow paths cross the forbidding woods.

North is Mickel Tal, an area dominated by two peaks. Only a narrow track passes through the ravine to Lansby Tal in the north east. Lansby Tal is itself a broad valley that has been lightly settled and cultivated. A main road runs north through the region, in clear sight of the heights to the north east.

Directly west is Kapelle Heilig Wald (Holy Wood Chapel). Here in the valley proper the Betrunken Kuh Fluss (Drunk Cow River) cuts the region in half. The southern bank is clothed in deep forests. A narrow path rises to the north into the hills and nestled at the base is a chapel.

In the centre of our region is Heilige Sergius, the village named after Saint Sergius, a martyred (is there any other kind of saint?) Roman soldier who refused to renounce his Christianity. This region has all terrain types, from crop lands, riverine, hills, forests, the main roadway and light urbanisation. This is the heart of it all, where most of the population are permanently based, and from where our protagonist company will set out from to meet threats.

East is Chertney Mühle, an extension of the fertile Betrunken Kuh Fluss valley, dominated by the hills that seperate it from Lansby Tal. The road branches north over this rise. To the south of the river lie extensive marshlands.

Lambient Hügel is a wild area in the south west, dominated by hills and enclosed by forests. A track leads out of the forests toward the village, making it a difficult piece of terrain to patrol and one most susceptable to a surprise attack.

Straight south from the village is Mawlder Heide (heath) a high alpine plain carrying the main south road. An old watchtower overlooks the road. An rough path leads east to Furt von alt Roderick (Old Roderick’s Ford). Here the river doglegs back, creating a large swampy zone that gives way to forest in the south. The ford crosses the river just at the transition zone from heath to swamp so it is not suitable for wheeled vehicles of any kind. After periods of heavy rain the whole area becomes a quagmire, but after a freeze it resembles a sheet of glass.