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Two rat gangs confronted each other in the rubble of a once great city.

The black rats, led by their rat ogre mother, slumbered after a long hard party in one of the ruins. Spread about (randomly) in the ruins were caches of food. A rival gang, the browns, had decided to attack the black’s territory, sneaking in and pinching the barrels, or if confronted, to kill the queen and take the whole territory.

On the first few turns the blacks snored on, the guys on watch were not doing a particularly good job and failed to notice the scurrying below. However, another fellow woke to pee off the side of the building and decided to go up for air. Once there he saw the encroaching browns and raised the alarm.

The black rats swarmed out of their lair led by the ogre and engaged in a brisk hand to hand fight. It swayed back and forward, with the browns losing one chap and being pushed back and knocked down. But they were tenacious, and ganged up, bringing down the blacks’ gigantic mother. As a last desperate act, the gang’s Dad called out for his sons to flee, leaving this city block to the victorious browns.

We used absolutely vanilla Song of Blades and Heroes including all the pre-generated character statistics (rats on page 29 and ogre warrior on page 24). To resolve some of the non-miniatures aspects such as walking up from drunken sleeps and where an individual might go because we could see the enemy but he could not we used our Enquiry table, based on Mythic. The figures were GW (thanks again, Paul). All terrain scratch built. And on that note, I think this is the most attractive layout I have set up for a home game to date.