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I felt inspired to build a very simple scenario and encounter generator for miniature wargaming in ruins. Not LOTR style ruins of an impressive structure sitting pristine on a hilltop, but instead vast untamed ruins that occupy the entire board.

The thing about such exploration adventure war-games is that the entire terrain could not be known by the figures. Just as in an exploration of the darkest Africa, the heroes have no idea what could be around the next pile of collapsed building.

Starting with the excellent work, The Forest is Vast, I stripped out all reference to rules and scale as this can change from game to game, and rewrote the encounters to fit the urban ruin setting.

This resulting random generator can be used for fantasy urban decay (Mordheim), deep in the heart of the jungle (pulp adventures), any of the brands of zombiepocalypse, and any post apocalyptic settings.

So here it is: The Ruin is Endless. Comments and feedback welcome.