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Last time, you will recall, Ernat and his company of soldiers had settled themselves into the valley.

A week later the weather had not improved and already there were rumblings of disagreement with the decision to stay and exploit rather than raze and move on. The sunsets had been blood red: a clear sign to the pious that God himself was in violent disagreement with the plan to lounge here in this den of Satan when a war was raging without.

The cavalrymen of Dide’s group were of the opinion that the decision to stay had been a poor one. Under the leadership of Lewis Wildgrube, they had met in an abandoned blacksmith’s workshop in Lansby Vale to discuss what to do about it. Their plan was two-fold. Firstly they would attempt to convince the musketeers under Jurisco’s command to join them. Then they would capture the captain and force him to issue new orders. If he disagreed they would kill him and elect a new leader – preferably Dide.

However, their plan was undone when Dide got wind of the plot and rode alone to confront them on that bitter windswept night.

The resulting fight between Dide and Lewis would change the shape of the company. This is the fight that will occur next, using Flashing Steel duelling rules.

And here are the raw dice rolls against the tables developed and uploaded earlier that informed this narrative:

Scenario for TLV Campaign. Week 2.

Internal or External event (odd – internal. Even – external): 2. An external event. But in the end the narrative made it pretty much and internal event, and I’m OK with that.

Weather: 3, no change. The weather continues cold with rain.

Where: 14. Lansby Vale.

Place events: 31. Nomadic Horseman’s tomb

People Events: 30. Mutiny in the ranks

Acts of God: 33. Red sunsets three days in a row

Textures: 3. Abandoned

Significant terrain: 5. Blacksmith

Eye Catchers: 32. Heretical symbols.

Mutiny? Is it led by one of the officers? Long Shot: No.

In whose group does this mutiny start? Dide – The Cuirassiers.

Dide is a persuasive talker. Is it possible that he has inadvertently given his men the idea that he disagrees with the Captain’s decisions? Do they think they are quietly doing what Dide wants? 50/50. Yes, but. They do, but Dide definitely does not want to split the company.

Does Dide get wind of the mutinous plot? Safe bet. Yes, and. He takes it as a personal matter. Without telling the captain he confronts his men on the hilltop in the abandoned blacksmith’s shop.

What was the nature of the plot? Imprison/Enemies. The plotters wanted to snatch the captain and hold him, convincing him to change plans and lead the company elsewhere. If he did not comply they would kill him and make Dide the leader.

What did they intend to do next? Cruelty/Art. Jurisco is considered the artist of the group. He is also the one most hard on the locals. The rebellious horsemen were planning to approach his group of musketeers and with them they would have the rump of the company on side.

Had they already made contact? Fair chance. No. So they are still in the planning phase and isolated.

The five horsemen are: Garin Hochberg (Choleric), Dustin Steuben (Phlegmatic), Waggoner Keil (Choleric), Lewis Wildgrube (Choleric), Ellery Linden (Melancholic). So the majority of these men are hot headed and aggressive, as suits their role as cavalrymen, and traditional types at that. Lewis (26 brave, 28 merciful, 33 change averse) seems to be the ringleader of this group.

Does Lewis challenge Dide? Long shot. Yes. Despite Lewis’ apparent loyalty to Dide and resistance to change, he challenges Dide for the leadership of the group of horsemen.

And so now we know the wargame scenario. It is a Flashing Steel skirmish between Dide and Lewis in and around the blacksmith’s shop. The other troopers will not interfere.

If Dide wins the remaining troopers rejoin the company and Dide will say nothing to the captain. As far as he is concerned the matter will be closed, whether or not Lewis is alive.

If Lewis wins he will lead the other troopers out of the valley, reducing the company by that group.

In both cases opportunities are left open for repercussions of this fight.