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Apologies for the gap that has occured in this story. A bout of pneumonia took the wind out of my sails, and explains why there have not been enough battles yet…

So, what happened in week 4 of the campaign?

The weather turned colder, delivering sleet and a dusting of snow. The wind dropped as well, and the whole village underwent an invisible change. A different mood an attitude settled on them. The with the coming of snow the inevitability of winter and of the continued occupation of the troops everyone seemed to become more calm and resigned.

Following the loss of Eduare and his three men, the Captain was deeply concerned about the reduction in horse power. For the rest of the week, the men and any spare villagers were sent to recapture any horses that had survived the battle from both sides. Armour and saddles from the defeated invading cuirassier troop were retrieved and stored. Dides’ men used the parts to replace or repair their own kit, placing the rest into reserve.

Two horses were found and placed into the stables with the others. Three others were never found. The remaning three had been killed in the battle. They were quickly butchered and preserved, a welcome addition to the Winter stockpile.

And so all seemed well in the valley, until the fifth week arrived…