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Hot on the heels of recovering from pneumonia, I was informed that we are soon to leave for a holiday. With the thought of a long plane flight in mind, I browsed the App Store to see what I could find for my iPad.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found that the classic idea of the choose-your-own-adventure bookshave been translated into iPad and iPhone format by Tin Man Games. And why not? It is a perfect fit: seemless referencing with no chance of accidental or ‘accidental’  flipping to the wrong page, a built in dice roller, a bookmarking facility, imbedding of images and sounds, and the addition of achivements and large maps. It is almost as if the medium and the message were made in heaven for each other. They are even from Victoria. I couldn’t be happier for me and them.

I still have a large collection of the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone  Fighting Fantasy series, starting with the Wizard of Firetop Mountain. I have the Fighting Fantasy RPG, beastiary (Out of the Pit) and campaign background (Titan) for it as well. You can say I was, and remain a fan.

At the download of around five dollars it is an easy buy, as well. Much better a million people spending five dollars than a 100 spending 30.

Over the last couple of days I have completed the first of the seven adventures already written, An Assassin in Orlandes. This has several twists and dead ends and a couple of alternate paths. Since the genre is, by definition, a pre-programmed adventure, and is essentially an old-school text adventure, that it ran on comfortable rails is to be expected. I look forward to more complexity as the writers mature through the series, but I was not disappointed with the time spent on this puzzle.

Now I anticipate those air hours flying by, and look forward to this range of puzzles increasing and improving with age. I wish them the very best of luck.