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After a lamentably long time since the last update I really must add something. No games have been played for some time. Our social commitments have left us too busy. Precious little has happened for the solo campaign as work has intruded too often to allow me to give it any thought.

However, as I see a clear patch ahead I also see a busy workbench with many jobs waiting to be done.

Here is the first and most important: a group of cuirassiers for my 30YW forces. These are Warlord, and are just dandy. I like them a lot. A concern I have is in giving them the blackened armour typical of the Germans at this time as I worry that it will dull them down too much. True, they are a not a colourful flamboyant bunch, but dark dark dark colours will make them ugly on the table. It is a question to be resolved.

After these are a troop of mounted Arquebusiers.