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Hundreds of years after the devastating Atomic Wars of the 1950’s, the mutated survivors battle for survival.

This is the development of a war-game scenario using Ganesha Games’ Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

A group of Apes under General Urko (Q3 C3, Leader, Mounted, Pistol C+1) has learned that a flock of giant intelligent flightless birds (cassowarys) have a walled compound in which they cultivate nourishing fruits and nuts.

The apes consist of two squads of five men each. All but one ape (Q4 C3, assault rifle C+2) are the same. The single specialist ape (Q4 C3) is armed with an electric lance (short range reach, C+1, lethal to robots).

The cassowarys have similar statistics but are armed with sonic cannon (C+0, transfix) that double as pole arms in close combat (C+2). In their orchard they have two rusting but still functioning horticultural CD-food-8 robots (Q4 C4) that move only short, but are armed with saws (C+0). In addition, a mutated plant called a Stranglebob (Q5 C3, entangle short range) has taken root. The cassowary defender adds a red marker to the base of one of the trees and may reveal it whenever an ape comes within one short distance.

That’s the set up. This scenario has already had one run through with Richard, where his inventive destructiveness nearly wiped out my righteous apes with self destructive robots. It was a bloody encounter: General Urko himself had to fight for his life, kicking a bird in the face to survive. He then squandered the next turn by rising in his saddle and shouting, ‘Oo oo oo.’

Only time prevented us from finding a clear winner. As it was, both parties were battling it out within the orchard, using available cover to best advantage. It could have gone either way. A failed morale test on either side would have finished it.