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The second expedition of General Urko and his band of marauding apes was played out by Andrew and I.

This time the encounter was just as bloody, but resulted in a clear victory for the cassowaries.

It started slowly with the defenders rolling only single or pairs of dice to bring up a squad of birds in to the compound. There they zapped away with their sonic cannon, but to little effect. Urged on by the general, the apes closed on the wall on the right and crossed. Soon a lively firefight was under way. Penetrating deeper, private Parts, armed with his electro-lance, engaged the agricultural robot. Unfortunately he was right by the strangle bob fern and spent most of the rest of the game evading its clutches.

Meanwhile on the left general Urko urged the other squad forward. They ignored him. A lot. Until finally they surged into action, reaching the breach made on the right and crossed. However, by this stage casualties amongst the apes were reaching a critical stage and individuals were starting to fall back after failed morale checks.

The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred when the general himself was engaged and beaten by his opposite number. The surviving apes fled for their lives.