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In a play test of Flashing Steel – Forged in Blood we explored house to house fighting and the complications thereof.

Using my Last Valley scenario generation tool I came up with the following story: a local priest (Q5, C0) was stirring up the population, instigating witch hunts and provoking discontent. He was speaking at a rally in the guesthouse, surrounded by a picked squad (Q3, C2) of bodyguards, while outside the militia (Q5, C2, pikes) were forced to cool their heels. Bolstering them were a troop of cuirassiers (Q4, C2) who were rightfully ill at ease in the confined streets of the village. Covering the North road to the village a group of musketeers (Q4, C4) lurked in the rough ground.

Since he was a trouble maker, a rival village had recruited a bunch of mercenaries to silence him. This consisted of a crack squad of musketeers (Q3, C2, heavy muskets) who approached the North side through the woods. Assisting them were two mixed groups (Q4, C2, some armed with pike, and others with muskets), and a group of amateurs (Q5, C2, muskets). Their ace player, though, was a sharpshooter (Q4, C2, heavy musket) who they hoped would manage to put a bullet in the priest before he roused the population to any more religious intolerance.

Very quickly the game became one of house to house fighting. This gave us a chance to look at the rules so far, and they were found wanting. More work is to be done here. The goal was to adequately simulate a 1:1 man to model ratio fight, where the result is one group or the other being ejected from the house. Some good ideas came out, and will be tested next time.

The game itself resolved when one of the attacking groups slipped down an alley in to the guesthouse, chased the priest for a while, and then shot him in the back point blank as he finally managed to make it outside. The sharpshooter didn’t even get near. The defenders suffered no casualties (apart from the priest – so they lost anyway) while the attackers left four dead. Escape from the village by the attackers would have been a game in itself as the guesthouse was well surrounded by the end. Still, the crack musketeers still raked the main road so they conceivably might have covered a flight to safety.

The basics of turn sequencing worked well as they always do. Weapon lethality could be increased somewhat.