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Here are some Harlequin British infantry. Lovely sculpts, they are. A pleasure to paint.

I undercoated white, and then block painted the main elements in this order:

  • skin
  • red jacket, leaving the white piping and belts untouched
  • blue trousers and caps
  • black boots
  • metal
  • wood
  • leather rifle sling
  • hair

I then painted them with Army Painter (or Wattyl walnut Stain and Varnish for me). When dry I dry brushed white over the basing material, added some irregular patches of desert kind of flock, and painted the sides of the bases in Nato Chocolate. Then I matt varnished them with Tamiya Flat.

Finally, I ran a line of pure white over the exposed belts just to bring them into sharp focus. I left the helmets dull to simulate the practice of dyeing them with tea, as they did.

And so I have my first group for my new Colonial VSF period. This, once I get some officers, will be three platoons (or a company and a half). Since my VSF campaign will be happening in South America, these first troops represent Imperial military ‘advisors’ or troops sent to protect particular assets.