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Rather than liberate and republish, here are some nice links to uniforms of the Guerra del Pacifico:

These are gross simplifications. There are details such as the beautiful oversized Bolivian cuffs that are missing. Similarly are the on campaign details of the kepi cover and neck protector – just like the French Foreign Legion. Boot colour, and even the reality that many wore sandals are also not visible. Another missing element is the loose flaps tied around the calf to cover the sandalled feet from the sun. Some units wore pickelhaubs. Uniforms changed over the course of the four campaigns, too.

However, having listed the missing details, these links give the general impression. And the general impression is that American Civil War figures will be close enough, and if painted in these colours will provide some pleasing visual appeal on the tabletop.

And at the end of the day, I am not a button counting war gamer that wants to recreate the exact battles with the exact forces and relive the specific command decisions. I’m not trying to be an ACW gamer, in other words. What I want is the feel of late 1800 Latin America. And into this mix I will be inserting Steampunk/VSF/magic-realism elements in due course. This is a fantasy exercise, not a recreationist exercise.