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I started a set of modular hills ages ago but sadly painted them in an ugly set of earthy colours. As a result I was too ashamed to ever put them on the table. Repainting Alan’s desert table gave me the inspiration to retask those hills and finish the planned set in the same colours.

Here are a few shots demonstrating some of the ways they can be put together. One, you will see, even has some trench works imbedded to represent just a part of a siege, if needed. Otherwise I can slap another piece on top to cover of it.

Each piece is measured to fit together and so make larger pieces.

The shapes are cheap foam cut with a hot wire cutter, backed with recycled cardboard from boxes, and then textured with polyfilla, or plaster of paris (depending on when done). The base colour was a creamy sand, with a partially mixed wash of Red Oxide and a final dry brush of the sand mixed up with white. The most time consuming part was waiting for the paint to dry.

I’m pleased with the results and can now move on to feature pieces such as buildings, mine works and whatever else comes to mind.