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Winter is settling in. It feels as if it has been raining for three years, and yesterday we had an earthquake. Modelling should be easier at this time, but I would much prefer to be asleep.

However, here are a couple of photos showing modest progress. First up we have the finished red coat British, some of whom were donated by Andrew and the rest by Alan. By my calculations that’s four platoons, or two companies, or half a battalion. Plenty. More than enough. Though, of course I also need more command figures… and a gatling gun… and artillery… and so on.

Next up we have some assembled and undercoated Perry ACW. Oops, I mean Chileans. Two sprues is the perfect amount for two platoons (or a company). These guys will go in the very conservative dark blue tunic and bright red trousers that would work for either Chile or some of the Peruvian forces. the only model in the set I am not happy with is the guy muzzle-loading. But it cannot be helped. Otherwise, the long musket is a fair match for a Comblain.