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These are Perry plastic ACW painted as generic line infantry of Chile (though could also serve as some Peruvian as well). They represent the first of my efforts for Lost World gaming in South America, concentrating on the Western coast around 1880 (the time of the Guerra del Pacifico).

I’m no button counter, but if I had to nail them down to anything they would probably serve as any of the regular regiments of the line. There are many detail differences between ACW and the Chileans of 10 or so years later. Straps and cuffs, for a start. The weapon these models are holding are actually muzzle loaders, but they are close enough to represent Comblains for my purposes. Perhaps a trifle long, but too bad.

To be honest, I find my efforts to be a little crude with these guys. Though I am not quite sure why. Some of the straps should have been painted black rather than white, but my ability to get to that level of detail was lacking. Blame the tools, I say! I must need some new brushes.

The painting technique was my standard block colour, varnished with Wattyl Stain and Varnish (Army Painter), and then matt varnished with Tamiya flat. Finally I picked out parts of the white again just to bring out the contrast.

The models are slightly undersized in comparison to the rest of my collection I found, after having paid the money and opened the boxes. But the reality is you cannot tell the difference on the table as it is all about the tactical situation. Set against my desert terrain, representing the barren islands around Bossa Nova, or even the Atacama Desert if I choose to be strictly historical, I think they come up well.

This batch represents two platoons of ten men, plus command, or a company. In other words, either two units for a smaller game, or one unit for a big game.