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There are four main departments or areas of jurisdiction on the Typhoon Maiden. Everyone aboard must be a member of one of these departments and has identification confirming that. People without identification documents are considered stowaways. In terms of authority and hierarchy an individual appeals first to more senior people of their own department before appealing to cross divisional authorities. The departments are:

  • Seneschal
  • Voidboss
  • Voidmaster
  • Navigator

The Seneschal department is responsible for logistics and provisioning of the ship, making sure that enough food and water is taken on board as well as managing the massive cargo spaces. Most residents of the ship are part of the Seneschal department and as such it may be seen as the least powerful. Shop keepers, resteraunters, stevedores, forklift drivers, lighter pilots, serving staff and more form part of this diverse group. These people consider themselves the ‘workers’ of the ship and view everyone else as privileged wastes of space.

The Voidboss department is typically what would have been called in previous ages the ‘command’ staff. Communications technicians, helmsmen, sensor operators and so on. The nominal captain is the head of the department and is The Voidboss. In the broadest sense this is where the ‘intelligence’ section of ship exists. Their scope extends both throughout and outside of the ship. This broadness of vision makes them the glue that holds the diverse parts of the organism of the ship together, and probably universally despised for it. If there were such a thing as a Middle Class in this context, these people would be it.

The Voidmaster department includes all those professions associated with engineering and the mysterious and secretive religion of keeping the ship running. They are the technical elite, considering themselves a cut above the rest of the parasites aboard their ship.

Finally, the Navigator department, led by the nearly helpless mutant Navigator, is the smallest and most feared department. This collection of mutants and psychics is responsible primarily for keeping the Navigator and Astropath alive. As far as the rest of the ship is concerned these two key roles allow the ship to pass through the perilous warp and for communicating with the Imperium at the speed of thought. Members of this department are clearly identified by their mutations, bizarre fashions (black rubber and chains), and the general aura of diseased creepiness that surrounds them. For the most part they keep to themselves in segregated portions of the ship, and this suits everyone else just fine.