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Andrew and I stepped through the charging scenarios this evening. I had drawn a full flow diagram with all the if/thens (such an IT geek) and we played out the various combinations of formed and unformed infantry against cavalry and against other infantry. We explored the mysterious caracole, well mysterious only if taken out of context, and discussed the changing cavalry tactics through the Renaissance as a factor of the changing ratio of pike to shot.

Morale in receiving a charge and of losing a melee were tested. Falling back and fleeing. Leaderless squads and what the consequences should be. Decisiveness of combat, and the abstraction effects of literal and generalised terrain: all these elements were discussed.

It was a productive evening. After a long pause caused by infection from a space borne bacteria (it’s true, my bacteria was isolated from the oxygen scrubbers on the Mir space station) Forged in Blood is back on track. The basics are nearing a satisfactory landing. Soon I will start on the obscure items such as boats, demolitions and artillery.