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These fellows are technically not historically accurate as there is no record of such a thing as Aztec ‘Cayman’ warriors. But they are nice little models and fit my needs for a lost civilisation based on Aztec for the Bossa Nova steampunk setting.

Eureka have quite a few Aztec offerings and despite the somewhat two-dimensional posing are pretty cute. I have an 8 man squad of these planned, and two more in more mundane outfits. This should fulfil the requirements for a force to appear out of the jungle and cause havoc amongst the civilised forces.

Painting has been low on my priority list over the last few weeks. The +1 year check ups with the medical professionals have chewed up a fair amount of my mental space. And to celebrate my survival we went camping: sun and beer and cooking in the fire generally does not fit in with painting. But now I am back to work and back to routine. My painting task list has grown to the extent that I am now being tempted by Cold War forces – though probably incorporating alternate history. Now I need a 1:48 scale T72 and BTR70… at least…