Over the years I have discovered that I am a hat person.

You know the sort. Wankers, probably.

Anyway, I like hats. I have lots of hats for different occasions. When camping I have a squadron of different straw and cloth and wool hats for the changing weather. Since I am now bald I claim that it is a sensible protection against the Southern Hemisphere brutal sun. It is true that the Southern Hemisphere has a brutal sun.

For quite some time I have worn an Australian Akubra in the Great White Shark pattern. Which is basically a standard cowboy looking hat in a grey colour. Traditional, you might say. But this thing, after twenty years of beating, is falling to bits now. I need something new.

Years ago my Mother picked up a Canadian Mounties hat with the Montana peak. This is also called the Campaign hat or, as I knew it as a boy, the Lemon Squeezer.  Turns out lemon Squeezer is a particularly New Zealand description. No amount of searching uncovers another culture calling this particular hat that name. My brother in law calls it a Scout hat, and the history backs this up.

But I like the name Lemon Squeezer. It’s irreverent. I also like the images I see of surviving Lemon Squeezers from the Gallipoli boys. The hats are beaten up: ragged, floppy brims. This is the way a hat should be worn. Not perfectly symmetrical.

So my new hat to wear at barbecues and general for outdoors work is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Montana peak (Lemon Squeezer).