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This photo of Berne shows the kind of thing I have in mind for the plan of the main (living) deck of the Typhoon Maiden.

If we imagine we could get far enough above the deck to see (which you cannot because it has a ceiling), and if we imagine that the city extends only to the far side of the river, then this is pretty much how the city at the core of the Typhoon Maiden appears.

Naturally, the exact details such as the extent of greenery and specific streets may differ, but if we imagine the inside of that river system to be a contained 75 hectare (185 acre) area then we get the idea. The deck aboard ship is far more weather beaten and abused, for a start, and the comparatively low ceiling (in comparison to the genuine sky) creates a hive city feeling (perhaps like a City of Ember). Lots of opportunities for exploration and adventure there.

And the City of Ember is a pretty good modern model of the place, I think. Yes. that’s it.