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photo-fullFor years I have been fascinated with the little known conflict on the West coast of South America concerning control of the nitrate fields in the Atacama desert between Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Information in English translation has been difficult to find, and I have often been left to look at the pictures and painstakingly translate a few words with the aid of a dictionary.

Recently, however, I have found some more information. Others it seems are also interested in this period and are fleshing out the history.

Finding figures to game it has up till now been a losing proposition. The period and fashion of the day has the uniforms being very similar to Third Empire French, or even American Civil War. It is in the detail that the differences make themselves visible. Breach loading rifles rather than long muzzle loaders, for example. Also the sandals, bare feet, or the natty floppy shades worn by the Bolivians.  For parctical purposes this probably does not matter much. Not even the most socially challenged button-counter would refuse to play a game because the fiugures were not perfect. But still, it is nice to have them as close as possible.

And now, someone has decided to act. Here on Kickstarter, Matchlock Miniatures are raising the funds to model the figures in 28mm. this will at last test the water to see if there is enough interest in the period.

Ultimately, this Kickstarter business is a good thing. It puts you directly in touch with your potential customers, bypassing the morally suspect process of manufacturing demand advertising. I wish them well, and just might have to buy some.