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P1050207 P1050206 P1050205 P1050204 P1050203 P1050213 P1050212 P1050211 P1050210 P1050209 P1050208After what seems  an eternity, Greg and I managed to get a game in. Work finished today for the year, I am declared fit and healthy, Greg is declared legally married. It seemed the time to celebrate.

In a 7th Sea stye of fantasy adventure, a group of mercenaries decided to win the favour of a local Sultan by recovering the crown of the last one. This crown was stolen decades ago by a group of royal bodyguards who had staged a coup. As punishment for their crime, the court wizard transformed them into lizards and banished them. Unfortunately he could not undo their mischief and they retained the crown. Now they reside in a ruin in an oasis far in the desert…

These were the starting conditions we came up with after randomly selecting a few lines from poems and from randomly selecting cards from an Arabian Nights themed tarot deck.

In the first game the adventurers advanced on the ruin, moving to available cover. However they were spotted and came under lethal ‘fire’ from the lizardmen with their poisoned arrows. The leader of the lizards called out  to prepare for an assault, but even with volley fire the adventurers closed and made short work of them. Even screaming leaps failed to stop the advancing adventurers. With only two casualties in comparison to seven, the first game went to the humans.

In the next game we were deep underground under the ruin. The adventurers closed on the central cavern where the chest containing the crown lay. Coming from an opposite passage, the surviving lizardmen beat their drums, giving the defending lizards a move bonus. The sound also raised the beast of the pit: a two headed ogre.

This monster held the central ground, suffering many wounds but never actually succumbing.

Meanwhile, the leader of the lizards, the former captain of the palace guard, cast a spell to compel the spirits of past guardsmen to rise and fight to defend the crown. Skeletons burst from the ground and shambled against the adventurers, who fairly easily cut them down. But they continued to come!

Soon, the casualties became too great for the adventurers to bare, and the  captan and his last follower fled.

This gave us the opportunity to use the desert terrain, and also to use the Arabian Nights cards to create a story. Above this, we used a hybrid system of Greg’s deign to test a new initiative mechanism. Overall, the system worked well, being an amalgam of the silhouette resolution system we used in Rayguns!, and an initiative system that is still somewhat variable, but allows some forward planning.