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Somewhere high in the Alps a village Burgermeister had been identified as a potential rallying point for anti-revolutionary activists. A squad of troopers under the command of Citizen Pompeux had been sent to arrest him and hold him until a demi-brigade could be sent up to relieve them and escort him back to meet justice (in the form of madame la guillotine, of course). Determined to prevent this, a crack team of Austrian Jägers had been sent in to extract him. Leading them, Herr Dreyer, a master of disguise, knew the people well and could infiltrate the area.

This was the scenario that Andrew and I played out using the developing Scarlet Pimpernel rules. The basic premise remained the same as the books and play, but Andrew is an Austrian player and so our single figures were from that theatre.

Almost immediately Herr Dreyer merged with the crowd while the Jägers made a diversionary attack straight up the road. Undeterred, Citizen Pompeux made a rousing speech that sent the locals against the Jägers, surrounding them and preventing any further shooting. As it was, a French trooper lay bleeding on the cobblestones – not without some lethal return fire from the untrained rabble that left two Austrians down.

Throwing off his disguise right by Citizen Pompeux, Herr Dreyer discharged his pistol point blank… and missed. The response was immediate: French troopers rushed to arrest him, but he fled down an alley and attempted to sneak round the back. Alas, his attempt was spotted by the eagle eyed French Agent.

Again merging with the crowd, Herr Dreyer popped up again in a different position after reloading his pistol, causing Citizen Pompeux to recoil in surprise.

But it was all too late. The bugles of the demi-brgade were heard, and the Austrians had to retire, leaving Burgermeister Meisterburger to his fate.

We learnt several things from this game: that you need an Interrogation rule when the ‘victim’ figure is hidden; that Scarlet Pimpernel scenarios work best as asymmetric scenarios – say three squads of French to 6 or so specific agent heroes. P1050330 P1050331 P1050332 P1050333 P1050334 P1050335 P1050336 P1050337 P1050338 P1050339 P1050340 P1050341 P1050342