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I have said it a few times, but I reckon that if I were to start wargaming today (instead to the decades ago that I did) I would seriously consider doing it all in Lego. Those cute little men are so modular, so endearing and so evocative of innocent fun, that it makes me smile just to think of it. I would use exactly the same scale terrain as for 28mm, but substitute the Lego minifigs.


Just recently the boss and I were at Camberwell market and I saw this stall. Here were all the Lego men that you could buy individually. Army building made easy.

Once home I did a little research. Sure enough there is a wargaming site dedicated to wargaming with Lego: Brikwars.

The type of action supported would probably be no more than skirmish. I certainly cannot imagine a big battle. Perfect rules for this would be Song of Blades and Heroes for basic fantasy and Flashing Steel for pirates.

… My word. I’ve almost convinced myself again.