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photo (2) photo (1) photo (3) photo (3.5) photo (5) IMG_0215I found a Mig3 from the NewRay Pilot Model Kit range the other week. It was cheap, with only about a half dozen parts. It clearly was not particularly accurate. But it was representative of the macine, and it was robust – promising to stand up to handling – exactly what I needed for wargaming.

These photos show the transformation of the model.

It came prepainted in the later war colours that were made famous by certain heroic flyers. However that was not what I was interested in. I wanted a 1941 model, still in the original two-tone, suitable for sitting on the table as an objective in an airfield raid by blitzkrieging Nazis.

First steps were to fill a few of the obvious gaps and sand them down. Then I spray painted in the colours I wanted. Added some generic stars. Ran lines of brown along the panel joins. And then weathered it down with greys and silvers.

To mask the changing colours I used a combination of blutack and tape. It only sometimes worked. The canopy, in particular, was a disaster.

Honestly? It’s a pretty crude effort. I haven’t made a model plane in decades, and it shows. But I reconcile myself with the thought that it is a wargaming piece and not a ‘scale model’ and so I say it is good enough.

The final photo shows the completed model with some Plastic Soldier Company 28mm Soviets. The scale question about what mixes with 28mm is an ongoing one – however to my eye this looks pretty good.