Little Wars 2013

A surprisingly big turn out this year, despite the venue being far away fromt he centre of Melbourne. There are more games than any other year, I think, and some quite innovative ones as well.

Fanticide was up and running and that was good to see. The mega GASLIGHT game was beyond belief: so many great looking models on the table, and a beautiful john Carter inspired flying ship as well. Kong Island was a really attractive layout as well.

Here are some photos of the event ranging from 6mm mega battles through Saga, 40mm genuine Little Wars game, and my own Scarlet Pimpernel.

P1050764 P1050765 P1050766 P1050767 P1050768 P1050769 P1050770 P1050772 P1050773 P1050774 P1050775 P1050776 P1050777 P1050778 P1050779 P1050780 P1050781 P1050782 P1050783 P1050784 P1050785 P1050786 P1050787


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