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OperationBarbarossa1Here is the protagonist squad for the coming solo Nuts! campaign set on the eastern front during Operation Barbarossa. I have the full platoon as well, all generated using the standard random tables in the Nuts! set, supplemented by the Clash of Titans supplement.

My intention is to run something like 6 game/scenarios, plotting the course of a section in the Das Reich division of Army group Centre as they advance into Russia… and then stall. The ultimate goal is to explore the Nuts! rules fully and to see how the initially easy situation that gave way to failure affects the survival of a group of named individuals. This is a true skirmish level story-telling wargame campaign, in much the same way as The Last Valley was/is for a similar group of murderous German bastards.

Here, then, is the protagonist squad led by Scharfuhrer Zeslaus Helemann, an arrogant piece of shit, but an effective leader of men, apparently.

Scharführer Zeslaus Helemann Squad 3 Leader 4 Born leader Hard as nails SMG
Arrogant : Haughty. Has a gold tooth. There is no time like the present.
Unterscharführer Redmond Salzwedel Assistant squad leader 4 Tank killer SMG
Moody : Morose. Hide-bound. Laugh at anyone’s dreams.
Sturmmann Dieter Weiman LMG 1 4 Sickly LMG
Generous : Spendthrift. Honest. Always root for the home team.
Sturmmann Helmuth Sommer LMG 2 4 Looter rifle
Capricious : Mischievous. Gambles a lot. Never let go of your values.
Sturmmann Hastings Braune 1 4 Athlete rifle
Uncivilized : Crude. Fatalistic. Never apologize for extreme measures when defending your values.
Sturmmann Dieter Auer 2 4 Agile rifle
Craven. Realistic. Always look for ways to make your boss look good.
Sturmmann Blaz Freund 3 3 Tough rifle
Quiet : Laconic. Whittles wood in spare time. Always say no when you mean no.
Sturmmann Burke Wernerus 4 4 Nerves of steel rifle
Violent : Sadistic. Prudish. Don’t be ashamed of your patriotism.
Sturmmann Ancel Mendelssohn 5 5 Quick reflexes rifle
Careless : No common sense. Has recently fallen in love : Lover wants to woo beloved – but lacks courage. Go looking for trouble.
Sturmmann Bingham Oxenschlager 6 5 Crack shot rifle