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Day 5: Favourite dice.

D12_12_Sided_Dice_5_red-500x500Of all the dice my enduring favourite has to be the 12. The advantages include:

1) it rolls better than a six
2) but stops rolling, unlike a 20
3) it has a better distribution range, allowing you to program more results (d6 gives you a 16.6% chance of any number; d12 gives you a 8.3% chance of any number. Adding and subtracting factors to a d6 doesn’t give you much wiggle room, in other words)
4) you can halve, quarter and third a 12 in whole numbers. These are very practical real-world calculations. It also makes it a sublime number, having a perfect number of divisors
5) the very non-decimal nature of it reeks medieval thinking, and if you are a romantic, as I am, that’s pretty cool
6) there were four horsemen of the Apocalypse, a number that multiplies cleanly into 12 (not 6, or 10)
7) four is a bad luck number
8) eight is a sharp edged clunky dice that digs into your leg through your trousers
9) 20 is the arch mainstream nerd dice, whereas 12 is almost neglected and obscure
10) ten is just boring, though two of them gets you 100, and three gets you 1000 – a number intensely useful for finding entries in Brewer’s Dictionary of Fact and Fable
11) there were 12 Olympians in the ancient Greek pantheon
12) it is the Futurama Dice of Power