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Day 6: Favourite deity.

IMAG0087 IMAG0089When designing a new campaign setting I always started with Deities and Demigods, 1980 edition. I browsed the gods, added them to cultures and this gave a kind of mood to each region. And from these moods came story themes that informed big plots. I really have no idea about the young gods (in the Greco-Roman sense of the word)  in the latest editions.

Looking through it now I find some old favourites, but the one that sticks in my mind, even though I never even used Finnish culture, is Loviatar, page 60. The “Maiden of Pain”.

Here’s what it says:

Loviatar, described as a beautiful and cold maiden, is usually dressed in white silks, and when she speaks a cold wind blows. Her main concern is in the inflicting of pain. She owns a dagger of ice that makes her immune to all magical spells. When she is attacked or magic is used against her, the attacker will at once again re-experience the worst pain he or she has ever suffered. In other words, if the worst pain he or she has ever suffered was to take 49 hit points of damage from a fireball, then that is what will happen to him or her again (no saving throw). A second attack on the part of this character would result in the second most painful thing hurting him, etc.

Or, in real world analogy, any time the topic of food comes up, she throws in your face that time you went to the restaurant and you thought you were being romantic by ordering but in fact she hated that food and it made her sick and it was your fault because you are a pig.

Remember that, or something like that? Yeah, you know Loviatar.